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The real estate market in Herndon, VA continues to offer a variety of options for buyers and sellers of all ages, income levels and incomes. The long-established roots of the city's residential and business markets have developed into a sustainable expansion of new-home sales. Condominiums account for about a third of the properties, starting at $185,000 for smaller units and continuing to $1.5 million for larger units in the mid-price range.

In Herndon, VA, where several new housing developments have helped drive that number up since 2008, there are about 23,500 people living in the city. Single-family homes are the most common form of housing, accounting for more than half of all new and home sales and about one-third of the total number of properties. Three and four-bedroom apartments , which are mainly found in detached houses and apartments, are more common than two- and - half - two- and three-room apartments. Other types of apartments that are prevalent in Herne are houses that have been converted into apartments or other small apartment buildings.

Real estate sales in Herndon, VA are the perfect place to take advantage of the city's low cost of living and high quality of life and affordable prices.

Dulles International Airport is just a short drive from Herndon, making it an ideal location for regular home buyers. Luxury apartments are located near RT. The route to the DC area is made easier by easy access to Washington D.C., Dulles Airport and the Virginia Tech campus.

The central location also opens up potential employers, including the Virginia Tech campus, the University of Virginia, Virginia State University and the VA Medical Center.

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You can also explore industrial and agricultural history at the Herndon Depot Museum, visit the galleries at ArtSpace Herndon, attend a show at the NextStop Theatre, or explore industrial or agricultural history at the Herne Hill Museum. Many residents enjoy traveling, especially if you're in Herrdon, which is right next to Reston. Both have their own variety of shops and restaurants and both host events such as concerts, festivals and other events.

As for activities, Herndon property owners are happy to take advantage of the area's magnificent parks. The city also hosts annual festivals and festivals and provides direct access to Reston's nightlife. It also has a wonderful park, making it a great place for home buyers who flock to Herrdon when looking for property.

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More About Herndon