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The Virginia Historical Inventory (VHI) is currently being updated by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, and we need your help. The Virginia Historic Inventory, a collection of photos, maps, and detailed reports documenting the history of Virginia's historic buildings, monuments, and sites, is currently being presented by the Virginia Historic Inventory, or V HI, at the Herndon Virginia Museum.

It contains all the data, forms, applications, schedules and documents you need to document the history of the Herndon Virginia Museum's historic buildings, monuments, buildings and sites. Please have a look at the Virginia Historic Inventory, or V HI, on the VHI website and document it yourself.

Other places worth mentioning include the Udvar - Hazy Center, which houses the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and the National Park Service. Located on the Potomac River that separates Virginia and Maryland, the park has three vantage points overlooking the waterfalls, including two barrier-free spots. The museum is just a short walk from Washington Dulles International Airport, which is located right next door.

One of the most popular attractions in Reston is Virginia State Park, which is just a few blocks from Dulles International Airport. Cycling, hiking and a host of other outdoor activities are great fun in Herndon.

Herndon is home to the Virginia Museum of Natural History, Virginia State Park and Dulles International Airport. There are also a number of museums in Reston, as well as several in Fairfax and Fairfax County, Va.

Northern Virginia has a number of award-winning wineries, breweries, restaurants and other wineries in the region. Northern Virginia boasted an impressive list of awards - wineries and breweries in Fairfax and Fairfax County, Va., as well as the Virginia Museum of Natural History, Virginia State Park and Dulles International Airport. Southern Virginia : Northern VA has an extensive list of - awards for wine making and wine tasting facilities, museums, galleries and restaurants in Virginia.

Historic summary reproduced in 1999 from the Alexandria Archaeology Volunteer News of the Virginia Tobacco Inspection Act of 1730, which required the inspection of all tobacco products in the Commonwealth of Virginia by the Department of Health and Human Services. A collection of 36 original scrapbooks housed in the Virginia Museum and Historical Society, which showcase the history of Virginia tobacco, the Virginia tobacco industry, and the state's history as a whole.

Fairfax is a Fairfax County city and the seat of the Mason County, Virginia Department of Justice. The schools are part of Fairfax County's FCPS system and all schools in the school system are published by Fairfax. A certified copy of "Fairfax Virginia," which is being prepared for publication and is in the collection of the Virginia Museum of Historical Society, which contains Virginia history books and manuscripts.

Herndon traces its development back to the Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad, which ran through the mid-19th century. The depot is one of the earliest surviving Virginia Board and Batten stations, and the Historical Association spends funds to own and maintain the depot. Well preserved, it now serves as a base for the Fairfax County Department of Public Works (FCPS) and as a training facility for Virginia State Police.

Other significant contributions from the Commonwealth and Loudoun County have provided 85 percent of the total funding to help build the region's 2.5 million residents. The Greater Reston Art Center promotes contemporary visual arts through exhibitions, events, and educational programs at the museum, Fairfax County Public Library, and Virginia Museum of Art. It sponsors several events, including the Virginia Historical Association's annual Herndon Heritage Week, and is part of the regional arts and cultural calendar for the entire region.

Located in the Fair Oaks Mall, the Children's Science Center and Lab is a hands-on learning center where children, families and school groups can explore STEM concepts through hands-on exhibits, activities and programs they can participate in. The museum contains materials and collectibles that illustrate the history and culture of Herndon and the surrounding area, as well as Fairfax County's cultural heritage.

The Virginia Landmarks Register, also established in 1966 and managed by the Department of Historic Resources, is the largest collection of historic sites in Virginia and one of the oldest in the United States. The town is named after Commander William Lewis Herndon, and the town was named in his honor in recognition of his service in World War II.

The Herndon Virginia Museum, LLC is funded by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as private donations from individuals and businesses.

The Steven F. Udvar - Hazy Center is one of the largest and most comprehensive museums in the state of Virginia, and the Richmond-based museum houses more than 1,000 exhibits and traveling exhibits. The 95-acre Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, operated by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, includes hiking trails, a restored 18th-century cottage, an outdoor amphitheater, gardens and gardens, as well as a museum, garden and garden center.

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More About Herndon