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VA's December list is usually one of the longest event lists of any year, but we've put together a lot of fun in Washington, DC.

This huge directory of Herndon, VA DJs includes a wide variety of local events as well as a list of local and national events. An easy-to-use page provides information about all the events on this list, as well as links to the DJ's website, Facebook page and Twitter.

Join the fun activities of Virginia First Day Walks, as the special programs at Virginia State Parks offer a variety of activities for children and adults, as well as family-friendly activities. Visit the houses in the historic area of the park and discover how the people who called Sky Meadows home have celebrated the holiday in the past. See handmade botanical decorations and let the year end in style. There is also a wide selection of food and drinks, a children's playground and much more.

The celebrations include a parade of hundreds of Scottish clansmen armed with bagpipes. Other activities include food, wine, cider and spirits tastings from around the city, as well as live music from local bands.

The highlight of the day is the horse and equestrian competition, in which the dogs trotted along the main road with mounted fox hunters.

SR-228 The truck follows the road northwest, northwest and northeast through downtown Herndon and finally reaches Dranesville Road north of downtown. At the southern end of the city, it will meet the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' D.C. Local partners in the project include the Virginia Department of Natural Resources, Airmed, the State of Virginia and the National Park Service. The SR-228 meets at the intersection of Route 1A and Route 2A, which provides access to Washington.

Animal lovers can walk the dogs or take care of the cats at the Fairfax County Humane Society or visit the park with dogs and cats.

Check out this Community Art Gallery with art - themed events and two different shows streamed online for free. McLean artists and give an overview of their creativity and techniques, including interviews with the artists and a tour of the gallery.

Since its opening in 2012, the exhibition has travelled around the country and will end in April 2016. Melissinos has created and directed a record-breaking residence at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., and has created more than 1,000 artworks for the museum's permanent collection.

A little closer to home, you can take a self-guided walk through Gettysburg National Cemetery. The cemetery reopens on December 20, and visitors can pay their respects and see the wreaths. After the show, you can explore the shops and restaurants in the city centre, stay overnight or visit the historic sites of Gettyburg.

Visit Lake Anne Plaza in Reston and celebrate the season with cookie decoration and other activities. Come to listen to Christmas music and decorate the square for the holidays and participate in activities such as the annual Christmas tree lighting and Christmas crafts. For a truly unique outdoor experience, visit the only national park dedicated to the performing arts, with its outdoor amphitheater and outdoor theater. You can also enjoy an outdoor concert by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, a free concert on the park's main stage.

The Arbor Terrace in Herndon offers a variety of activities ranging from outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and much more. The city also houses a wide selection of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and other shops.

Listen to the Christmas music from the comfort of your home or watch a live performance of the Christmas music of one of the world's most popular bands.

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Seniors looking for activities in Herndon might want to start their visit with a visit to the Senior Center. Learn more about the Senior Centre and its activities and activities for seniors by dropping by and planning your visit.

Use the simple checklist below to help you and share your feedback in the comments below. Join us to visit more places, do things, and travel around Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

Enjoy live music, delicious German food and sip wine and beer while shopping at the Old Town Market for new wine, beer, handicrafts and more.

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