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Reston, Virginia, is a unique northern Virginia suburb that combines a thriving restaurant scene, a great shopping street and a vibrant arts scene. Here are some of the best places for everyone to spend a beautiful day in the beautiful town of Herndon on a warm summer day.

The city is close to Dulles International Airport, making it a great destination for trips to the Washington, DC region. Nearby are Westin Reston Heights and Sheraton Reston, which offer great dining, shopping and entertainment.

Seneca Park at Great Falls offers several wooded trails that connect to the Potomac Heritage Trail along the river. You walk on a combination of asphalt and natural paths through a beautiful forest area. If you plan a longer walk, combine a visit to the nature centre with a hike in Glade Stream Valley.

The town also has a number of historic buildings, such as the Old Court and the Old Town Hall. The city is also home to Virginia's first public library, Virginia State Library and several other historic buildings.

It offers several hiking trails, including a beautiful loop that is 2.4 miles long, and the Old Town Trail, a 1.5 mile long loop with a picturesque view of the city.

Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville has had a great year, with many activities for children and adults as well as a variety of events for adults. Lake Fairfax is a beautiful lake with a picturesque view of the city and the Virginia State Capitol.

Unfortunately, there are no designated parking spaces, so if you want to park in one of the neighborhoods around the park, you will have to drive. One of my favorite parks in Herndon and probably the best in Northern VA, this is a great park for those who want to take a long walk. The parks are located just a few blocks from the Fairfax County Courthouse and Virginia State Capitol, and are not marked on Google Maps by typical green spaces and therefore hard to find, but are located in the middle of a residential neighborhood and not too far from the drive - restaurants and shops. This is a good park if you want to park in a quiet area with a nice view of Fairfax and Virginia's Capitol. In another neighborhood, on Herndon Parkway, there's another, quieter Herndon park that keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of Northern Va.

However, the United States Post Office treats all parts of the Greater Herndon region as part of Fairfax County, Virginia, and not as a separate county, including the city, county, state of Virginia and the county itself. Others are in the same neighborhoods as Fairfax and Virginia State Capitol, but have a Heritage postal address, such as Olde Towne Park and Virginia Capitol.

The Reston line of the W - OD runs through several places on this list, so you could plan a bike-centric visit or take a local bus line to do some things.

One of the most popular attractions in Reston is Lake Fairfax Park, a national park in Fairfax County, Virginia, north of Fairfax and Fairfax. The national parks offer a variety of outdoor activities, including rafting, kayaking, hiking, fishing and hiking trails. Next to the water park, it has a marina that offers pedal boats and canoes for hire.

Sugarland Run Vally Stream Park is located at the intersection of Herndon Parkway and Palmer Drive in Reston, Virginia, north of Fairfax County. The 225-hectare park offers a variety of hiking, cycling and walking trails, as well as a picnic area. Haley M. Smith Park, on the south side of the park, south of Palmer Road and near the parking lot of a local grocery store. This park features a playground for children, a water park with swimming pool, picnic tables and picnic areas, and features an amphitheater with seating for up to 100 people, as well as an outdoor theater with live music and other entertainment. Located on the Hernda Parkway, just off Palmer Drive, it features walking and cycling trails and a hiking trail.

The Scott Run Nature Preserve in McLean is a 2.3-mile loop that runs about 5 miles through Reston. The route is an asphalt path along a creek with a shady area, with stream crossings along the way. Entry to the property includes plenty of outdoor fun, including a farm, picnic area and playground for children, as well as an amphitheater.

Don't miss the opportunity to get to know the marine life at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, which is just a short drive from the Washington D.C. subway station.

This gem in Reston, Virginia is tucked away in the woods, just a short drive from the Washington D.C. subway station. Difficult Run and Great Falls is a beautiful wooded area overlooking the river and the falls themselves. There are many panoramic views in this area, as well as a number of hiking trails and trails along the creek.

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More About Herndon